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Utilizing web-based software made for OEMs, system integrators and IT service providers can conveniently plan and manage entire rollouts in one spot. This includes pricing calculations, detailed product configurations and logistical planning.

Control helps

No matter how challenging your next rollout project is, with Control you keep things firmly in hand.

  • to operate rollouts cross-company-wide
  • to keep the overview of all rollout dates and costs
  • to minimize sources of errors when exchanging data externally
  • to reduce manual costs

Project Coordinator

  • Control as the central point of meeting for all parties
  • Data is updated automatically and clearly represented
  • Manual costs are reduced, fast access to information is ensured
  • Error sources are minimized

Managing Operator

  • Easy entering of requests; per file upload or manually
  • Linking the information of the device and its location on a serial number level
  • Automated notification of delivery status and goods received


  • Viewing desired device configuration and its finalizing on serial number level
  • More security during hardware rollout through distinct link to accessories, location and delivery terms


  • Solid price calculations for more control and cost transparency
  • Current rollout status always visible
  • Rollout process becomes more transparent and efficient

Optional Rollout Service

With solutions from CDS to get software and service from a single source. Discover our optional service modules and put the foundation for professional rollout management today. more


We develop software for and with our partners and customers. So we are very close to the need to focus on the essentials and to make sure that existing know-how is used purposefully. Collaborative and cooperative.

  • Use all SaaS-advantages
  • Easy integration into existing software environment
  • Enterprise and server location in Germany
  • Complex security structure for optimal protection of your data

Costing & Cost Control

Calculate your rollout price per piece and create with just a couple of clicks a solid and translucent proposal for yourself and your customers.

Serial Numbers Plane

Pre-configure your devices on the S/N -level and add particular additional information such as location and delivery terms.

Product Bundle

Complement main devices with applicable accessories and add desired device options simply and clearly.

Import and Export Data

Avoid error sources when exchanging data with your customer and partner: Upload project data securely via XLS or CSV and edit it in Control.

Notice of Change

View changes of your project at a glance and if desired, choose to be notified by email when project partners update the rollout data.

User Groups

Assign individual user rights for project partners. With this you can be certain that your data is reviewed or edited by authorized people only.

Partners and clients that currently use our Limes software solution