b4b-mall becomes REMARKET NOW

The auction and marketing platform of CDS Business Services will undergo a major redesign and a new branding on 18 February 2022. Going forward, the portal will be called REMARKET NOW. Along with the new name, the brand identity will also be renewed and present a modern design language. REMARKET NOW offers suppliers and buyers a central place as well as comprehensive services to optimally market and conveniently purchase IT remarketing products. The platform thus contributes significantly towards optimising the conservation of resources and the sustainable use of IT.

The green idea of IT remarketing is reflected even on the REMARKET NOW homepage: the design is predominantly kept in friendly shades of green, and there is a focus on value preservation and circular economy - since that is the main motive for remarketing IT. "With REMARKET NOW, we want to show distributors and manufacturers another way to bring functioning equipment and potential users together," explains Sven Bent, Managing Director of CDS Business Services GmbH. "With both the design language and the branding, we want to move with the times and convey our message to our target group in a clearer and simpler way," adds Kathrin Graunke, Head of Marketing at the CDS Company Group. The extensive re-design ties in with the existing corporate design and at the same time emphasises the core topics of sustainability and transparency.

In line with the Recycling Management Act, REMARKET NOW enables suppliers to save unused returns and unsold goods from disposal and return them to the market under controlled conditions. REMARKET NOW offers IT manufacturers a convenient solution to free themselves from excess inventory and returns without having to invest their own time and personnel. In close collaboration with each supplier, the right, tailor-made marketing concept is determined, an individual shop area is set up and the entire handling of the sale is taken over. Suppliers benefit from numerous advantages of remarketing without jeopardising their core business.

The platform is a closed system so that the offers are only accessible to its exclusive circle of users. If desired, the supplier's existing customer base can be adopted on REMARKET NOW. Meanwhile, all processes and procedures - be it immediate purchases or auctions - are transparent and thus secure for the users. All relevant information is available digitally on demand. Selling via an online platform not only facilitates the relevant processes for the supplier, but also makes purchasing more attractive from the customer's point of view.

"Our goal was to move with the times and modernise the brand identity of the platform visually, but also in terms of content and strategy. Next on our agenda is the renewal of the platform's inner life," explains Sven Bent. "The sustainability concept is gaining more and more focus among our customers and is also being lived by us out of conviction. Our goal is to close the gap between economic efficiency and sustainability and to help shape a business world that makes it as easy as possible for companies to turn our vision into action. With the revision of the brand identity, we have taken another step towards making sustainable action even more attractive."

From 18.02.2022, interested parties and customers can find out more at www.remarket-now.com.

A new chapter: The Design and Branding of the B2B auction platform

A new chapter: The Design and Branding of the B2B auction platform


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