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We support your sales

As part of the CDS Sales Support, we take care of all administrative tasks such as orders, rental processes, buyout offers, order and product validation. Your personal contacts are available to answer any questions.

Selling made easy - CDS sales support

We offer our customers high technical and logistical quality, as well as personal contacts. In our back office, orders are processed on a project-based, calculable and transparent basis. We take care of the necessary approval procedures and create order-related invoices for you. The entire process is documented and checked by us - you can call up the device inventory online at any time. We work hand in hand to ensure a quick project start and a successful course.

Simplify your sales processes

CDS offers you the right services for every stage of your sales process. This is how we guarantee optimal support for your sales strategies.

Increase the awareness of your products at trade fairs and events and arouse the interest of potential customers with live demos. Let us support you with practical "try-before-you-buy" programs and use confidence-building campaigns such as bridging delivery times to strengthen the loyalty to your existing customers.

Every year we carry out more than 30,000 demo projects and enrich over 600 trade fairs and events with our possibilities.

All of this is part of CDS Sales Support:

Order validation

We check the correctness of the provided data, as well as the possibility to order the requested products. We also clarify whether the desired configuration can be carried out.

Order processing

We take care of the entire order from offer entry to invoicing. We prepare the shipping documents, the technical preliminary check of the devices including the corresponding documentation, as well as the planning of the delivery time. We collect and document all relevant data - seamlessly and transparently.

Extension of the loan period

Loans can be extended system-supported by us or our customers. Sometimes loan positions require an approval process in advance, which has to be followed first. If the request is accepted, the loan period is automatically extended in the system.

Recovery of the devices

Once the loan end has been reached, the devices must be returned if the customer does not want to buy them. An automated reminder process gives our customers the opportunity to send a pickup request. We choose the best channel for the return and clarify all details.

Buyout Offers

If the customer is interested in purchasing one or more devices from the loan, we will create individual buyout offers.


For products that are not covered by the warranty, we will work out an individual cost estimate for you.

Successfull Partnerships:

HP Enterprise
Micro Focus
Sharp / NEC