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Digital connected: Service and Software

We believe in digital solutions for each of our services. Thus, we create more transparency for our customers and work together more efficiently.

Weblounge for young refurbished IT

The CDS weblounge is your b2b portal for valuable demo devices and emergent refurbished IT – high-performance name-brand product of the sections business IT and consumer eletronics, combined with CDS guarantee of quality and exclusive weblounge advantages.

B2B Service of CDS

For further information of our product groups, exclusive benefits and CDS guarantee of quality please enter: CDS Weblounge

Onlineshop Weblounge

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REMARKET NOW – Sustainable IT Remarketing

Be it returns, B-goods or other excess stock: REMARKET NOW is the place to go for buying and selling IT. As-new products are given a second chance and valuable limited resources are conserved. As an objective intermediary between suppliers and interested parties, we offer you a secure platform for transparent sales and auction processes.

The advantages of REMARKET NOW:


REMARKET NOW offers a second chance for IT and a plus for the environment. By remarketing IT in as-new condition, we and you actively contribute to the circular economy. A longer useful life of the devices saves resources and budgets.


As an objective intermediary, we provide the infrastructure for secure IT deals. From market-oriented pricing to transparent auction and sales processes, REMARKET NOW offers a reliable platform for IT remarketing. Current information is visible at any time - thus a fair market price is realised for all parties involved.


Manufacturers benefit from the marketing platform as well as from the accompanying sales service and professionalise their sales process with just one click. The digital offer also has a more attractive effect on interested parties, as all relevant information is presented in a clear and transparent manner.

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For more information on our REMARKET NOW platform, click here:

Limes for your rental process

End-to-End solution for your demo loan processes

Manage your demo loan processes easily with our SaaS End-to-End solution LIMES! It illustrates the whole business process end-to-end: beginning with the request up to disposition, delivery and retrieval of the products.

 A software for all needs

LIMES combines relevant features of product management and workflow programmes in one tool, to being able to display your demo loan process optimally – cross-company and transnational. Take advantage of an all-round carefree solution, which manages all processes of a software.

Advantages of LIMES:

Process & Approval

Connect your device rental to dynamic approval procedures and ensure an optimal workflow. From the request until delivery.

Clear allocation

Track and maintain your demo devices based on serial numbers. Products can be configured uniquely, flow of goods can be routed specifically and conditions of devices can be noticed more detailed.

Budget & Costs

Running costs, expected revenues, available budgets etc.: Keep an eye on the economic efficency of your demo pool 24/7 and take over control.

Real-time information

Access all current data regarding your demo pool at any given moment and anywhere  - from simple invetory inquiring to individual live reports.

User Administration

Define user groups with specific read and write permissions. Adapt temporare backup functions to ensure a trouble-free project progression.


All processes will be archived audit-proof. You will then be able to follow up particular processes and meet legal requirements during internal and external audits.

Control for your rollout

Full control of your rollout

The web-based software „Control“ for OEM-customer, system houses and IT service contractor allows you to manage any rollout easily, completely and centrally – from calculation to product configuration and delivery.

Professional rollout with Control

It does not matter how challeging your next rollout project may be, have things firmly in hand with Control. Keep an eye on everything that is necessary to know about current or upcoming projects and therefore ensure max transparency.

Advantages of Control:

Project coordinator

  • Single point of contact for every user
  • Data will be automatically updated and displayed clearly
  • Reduced manual effort, quick access to any information needed
  • Minimisation of error sources


  • Comfortable order entry throughout file upload or manual
  • Connection of device and location information on s/n basis
  • Automatic notifications for delivery status and goods in’s


  • Notice and complete requested device configurations
  • More security with hardware rollouts on s/n basis through clear connections of main devices with supplies, locations and delivery condiotions


  • Reliable request calculation for more transparency and control of costs
  • Current rollout status visible at any time
  • Rollout process will get clearer and more efficient

Successfull Partnerships:

HP Enterprise
Micro Focus
Sharp / NEC