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Old equipment: Donation instead of disposal!

Our charity project links the corporate world with non-profit organisations and foundations. Thus, we want to create a simple and secure way to support in the form of equipment donations.

You wish to help or are in need of help?

Donating old equipment

You have surplus or remaining stock that you would like to give to a good cause? We will gladly support you in your social commitment: As a refurbishment service provider, we specialise in the professional reconditioning of IT. We offer this service free of charge to companies that want to donate their old equipment. In this way, we create an uncomplicated way for companies to make their old equipment available to a charitable project and, at the same time, a secure solution that complies with data protection regulations. Depending on the size of your donation, we can also offer to collect the equipment with our own transport logistics.

Simply select one of the projects and tell us via the form which devices you can donate.

You need support?

You run a non-profit project and are interested in remanufactured IT? Please feel free to contact us so that we can include you as a project in our overview. We additionally offer to bring the donated equipment to its place of use with our own transport logistics.

Running projects

In cooperation with the AWO association Weißeritzkreis e.V., we collect equipment donations (old and new equipment), take care of refurbishment and transport to a shared accommodation.


Donation goal reached

In cooperation with Habitat for Humanity, we collect equipment donations (old and new equipment), take care of refurbishment and transport to the places where the equipment is needed.


Donation goal reached

As part of the project "Participation through media competence", the youth welfare facilities are to be equipped with notebooks and tablets to support the youth in their research for homework and to train them in the use of media.


Donation goal reached

On 18 March, Flüchtlingshilfe Lippe e.V. started its work at the Detmold Social Welfare Office: together with many volunteers, the association takes care of the registration of refugees, among other things. At first, the premises created for this purpose lacked the appropriate hardware to be able…


Donation goal reached

After a fire destroyed the entire inventory of the project office in Bielefeld in November 2021, speedy help was urgently needed. CDS has equipped the new office with hardware and is taking over a part of it in form of donations.


Donation goal reached

Within the framework of the project "Participation through media competence", the housing groups of the integration assistance were equipped with notebooks, which make the residents more independent.


Questions about your hardware donation in cooperation with aid organisations

Which devices can be donated?

There is a need for various devices. Refugees need mobile hardware (mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, power banks) to stay in contact with their families. Aid organisations themselves need office hardware (laptops, printers) to coordinate their services on site. You can donate both old equipment and new goods. Obviously, the equipment should be fully functional.

How safe is the refurbishing process?

With 30 years of experience and around 40,000 refurbishments and installations per year, we are experts in IT refurbishment. The remanufacturing process includes qualified inspection, repair and cleaning - including secure data erasure. You can find more information about our technical background here

What happens with the equipment?

If your request does not refer to a specific project, we will give you an overview of the projects currently running. We then check the current needs at the organisations. You may decide on a project. Then we collect the equipment, check it, prepare it and deliver it to the places where it is needed. We remain in close contact with you, the donors.

Will I receive a donation receipt?

Yes, the recipient organisations can issue a certificate of your donation. The procedure is as follows: You issue an invoice to the recipient organisation stating that you waive payment in exchange for a donation receipt. You then receive the donation receipt from the recipient organisation. We can support you in this process by, on the one hand, sending you a receipt as soon as we have received the equipment and by estimating the value of the equipment for you.