Efficient, transparent, calculable

As one of the world's leading manufacturers in the sector of display technology, Sharp offers an extensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions for every type of professional application. Screens ranging in size from 20 to 90 inches, high picture quality, interactivity, low energy consumption, reliable 24/7 operation and innovative features ensure that nearly every customer requirement can be met.

CDS as a service partner

To adequately present the units at trade fairs and events, to facilitate demonstrations at customers' premises or to equip their partners' showrooms, the Japanese company places its trust in the competent support of CDS Service, a technology service provider based in Lage, East Westphalia. "Innovations and trendsetting technologies need to be presented to end customers and partner companies in a timely manner so that they can be considered for upcoming projects and installations," explains Markus Eisemann, Sales Manager Visual Solutions at Sharp Business Systems. Therefore, the service of CDS is needed to make this possible both quickly and in the required quantity and quality. CDS ensures that the requested device arrives on time and with the desired configuration at the customer's or partner's site and is picked up again at the end of the loan period. Air-conditioned warehouses and special purpose vehicles with special lifting platforms, protection and restraint systems to ensure that even unpackaged high-tech products travel safely, guarantee that the equipment is ready for use immediately after transport. If desired, the technology service provider can also take over the assembly and disassembly of the systems, configure individual settings and provide a quick product briefing.

Software solution limes

With "Limes", CDS Service furthermore offers a complete SaaS solution for the rental process. The software monitors the entire business process: from the product request, through disposition and delivery, to collection or takeover purchase. In order to map the rental process, "Limes" combines relevant features from inventory management and workflow programs in one tool. This simplifies the commissioning of rental services: Via the portal provided by CDS, any authorized Sharp employee can request loans for partners and end customers. A Sharp-internal supervisory body then releases the requested rentals.

CDS convinces as a reliable partner

"With the establishment of a rental pool, its own staff and special purpose vehicles, as well as a professional software tool, CDS not only meets all the necessary criteria, but also convinces with a straightforward and downright project-oriented approach," emphasizes Eisemann. The way an ambitious new customer like Sharp was handled right from the start made it a very easy decision. "We are also very satisfied with the project progression and implementation because our customers are." While until recently Sharp had carried out the rentals on its own, we can now avail of the services of a specialist, explains Sharp's sales manager "The added value is absolute professionalism and reliability." We also look forward to our future cooperation with CDS. "In a changing market, it is very important to have a reliable partner by your side in order to be able to master both large and small projects and challenges. And we have clearly found that with CDS."

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