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We bring your IT back safely!

CDS not only takes care of the delivery of your equipment, but also of its professional return - whether after the end of a loan period or in the course of an extensive rollback.

Professional return service by CDS

Relax and do not to worry about anything, we take over the complete handling of all returns of your IT and high-tech products.

"From planning of a project to delivery and collection of your equipment: CDS is your 360°-service-partner". 

Christian Hake, head of department logistics coordination at CDS

Reliable return of your IT

CDS offers you a comprehensive service for the professional return of your equipment. We rely on first-class transport technology to ensure the safety of your IT at all times.

Returns logistics

Within the scope of returns logistics, we handle hardware rollouts from planning, implementation and transport of the equipment to the place of use, right through to a logged commissioning and brief instruction on site.

With the aid of our modern stair climbing systems, we can minimize the risk of stair transport and increase the safety of your IT.

Waste logistics

Adjacent to the return and disposal of packaging material, we also tend to the professional disposal of end-of-life products in cooperation with EMAS-certified specialist companies.


We do not only undertake the rollout of new goods, but also the rollback of old equipment. We take all the necessary steps for a rollback, from uninstalling, collecting and removing unpackaged old devices to secure data deletion according to BSI standards. The old devices are stored with us or returned to the lessor.

Technical service

IT equipment that originates from a rollback is visually and technically examined for its functionality by our experienced service technicians.

Successfull Partnerships:

HP Enterprise
Micro Focus
Sharp / NEC

CDS offers you:

  • Safe return also possible without packaging
  • Returned devices can be assigned based on serial number
  • Entire device history
  • Visual and technical inspection of each device
  • Secure data erasure