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Rental equipment service for medical technology

Before purchasing high-quality medical technology, hospitals and medical practices want to be certain that the equipment meets their requirements. With our demo equipment service, you provide the certainty your customers are looking for.

Demo equipment service for medical technology companies

As a manufacturer of healthcare IT and medical technology, you know the high level of quality that your customers expect. The demand ranges from practice equipment and inventory to specific technology for diagnostics, therapy and surgery. As the acquisition of medical technology equipment is associated with high costs for a hospital or medical practice, purchasers want to make sure beforehand that your offer meets the required standards and convinces in everyday use. Show general practitioners, dentists, hospitals & Co. why your products are worthwhile - with our proven demo equipment service for therapy and diagnostic technology as well as medical practice inventory.

By renting out your medical technology and healthcare IT, you do not only avoid inventory levels of your assortment, but also promote sales through customer-friendly trial services in everyday practice and hospital routine. Regardless of whether you offer general medical practice and laboratory equipment that no practice should be without, or special diagnostic and therapy equipment for radiology or nuclear medicine.

This allows you to focus entirely on your core business. Everything else - from order acceptance, configuration, delivery and installation to collection and subsequent professional refurbishment, including disinfection of the equipment - we take care of for you.

“With our process management software Limes, medical technology providers maintain an overview of the rental process. And in our high-tech logistics fleet, your equipment arrives safely at the customer's premises.”

Paul Koch, Managing Director

With us as your partner, you benefit from a multitude of advantages - with full cost and budget control. With Limes, our web-based, scalable software for the holistic management of rental processes, rental processes are clearly structured and transparent.

Do you know all costs?

Advance planning of rental processes and budgets possible: thus maximum possible process and cost control

Do you have everything in view?

Clear assignment of each diagnostic and therapeutic product in the rental process by a central database and an archive

Who has the overview?

Access for different operators (sales, technical, manufacturer) including user administration

How satisfied are your customers?

Selection of accessories and specifications, simple onboarding processes

What can you guarantee?

High security: IT security and protection of data privacy (data erasure according to type A and B as well as equipment testing according to DIN VDE standards)

How flexible is your process?

Individual requisition processes through own, customizable software

Manufacturers who trust in us


Demogeräte-Management, erklärt in zwei Minuten.

Test- und Leihgeräte sind im Vertrieb von Medizintechnik-Produkten der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Erfahren Sie in diesem Video, welchen Mehrwert ein professionelles Demogeräte-Management für Ihr Unternehmen hat.