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CDS Demo Loan Services addresses IT, medical, engineering and manufacturing companies that are looking to make their loan processes more efficient, transparent and measurable

Your loan process in good hands

  • Demo Loan Placements
  • "Try before you buy" Programs
  • Bridging the repair gap
  • Equipment pool for tradeshows and events

If it is a single module or the complete CDS service package - together we develop your personal demo strategy!

CDS fulfills all the necessary criteria and also convinces with its uncomplicated and absolute project-oriented approach. We have come to know and appreciate CDS as a reliable partner.

Markus Eisemann, Sharp Business Systems

Successful Partnerships

Loaner management in a nutshell

Get to know how your business benefits from loaner and test equipment and boost your sales with IT and hightech products.


We make sure that the required device will arrive at your customer on time with the mandatory configuration and will be collected at the end of loan duration. We coordinate the shipment worldwide and take care of insurance coverage, as well as customs paperwork. If necessary, we also manage the buyouts directly.

Field Services

Special devices require special treatment. Our service technicians guarantee that the product works on site and that the customer is satisfied. By request, we will manage the build up and take down of the devices, carry out individual pre-configuration and provide a short product introduction to your customer.

Storage & Transport

We guarantee the secure warehousing and reliable transport of your products. Climate controlled warehouse and a specialized fleet ensure that your device is ready to use immediately after transport. Our modern logistical fleet is highly equipped and maintained. With tail-lift, special protection and restraint systems even unpacked high-tech products will be safely on the road.


After the loan, your products will be reprocessed in our in-house maintenance centre and prepared for their next assignment. From the very start, our qualified technicians are part of the process. They accompany the complete refurbishment process and ensure secure data removal.

Funding the Loaner Pool

With sound financial solutions, you make the most of your demo loaner pool from the start. In case of need, we resume the financing of your loan devices and avouch for a controlled commercialization through verified merchants. 

Software as a Service

The complete Demo Loan Process is mapped end to end with our scalable Saas solution Limes. Not only can the performance of your demo pool be reviewed, but also the performance of your service partner.

Your loan process in good hands

With optional service modules and our complete SaaS-Solution Limes, you are assured that your equipment pool is taken care of ideally. Your sales team is able to focus on the main business and your customers will be provided a replacement loan device quicker.

Why Demo Loan Services from CDS?

There are enough good reasons why our demo service is worth your while.


Successful Partnerships

Sales Team + Channel Partner

  • Efficiently support direct and indirect sales through loaners
  • Fast and secure access to Loan equipment pool
  • Relief of administrative tasks
  • Core business in focus
  • Optimal Customer service ensured


  • Transparent approval process
  • Audit acceptable documentation of all process steps
  • Compliance with legal instructions at internal or external audits


  • Demo Loan pool without financial risk
  • Request loaners at price per unit
  • Complete cost and budget control


  • Inventory and its condition visible at all times
  • Monitored loan duration and collection of products
  • Multiple Rotating of products possible


  • Flawless condition of products guaranteed
  • Reliable shipping and collection of unpacked goods
  • Special logistical fleet and a service technician on site
  • Steady building and dismounting of the devices


  • CDS grew up with Demo Loan Services
  • Successful in the market for more than 20 years
  • Long term and steady business relationship with renowned corporations

Successful Partnerships

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