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Emergency aid Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is catastrophic and has deeply upset all of us. We would like to help and have asked ourselves: With which means available to us as a company can we help?

Donate hardware

Besides financial and humanitarian support, there is often a lack of technical resources. Refugees often do not have mobile devices with which they can stay in contact with their families. But also aid organisations have a need for IT to coordinate the assistance offered on the ground.

In cooperation with aid organisations, we want to collect laptops, smartphones and other useful IT, refurbish them and take them to the places where they are needed. We have donated hardware ourselves and at the same time rely on our network of IT retailers, system houses and IT manufacturers.

As an IT dealer, manufacturer or company, you can already register your hardware donation of new or functioning used IT with us today. We will remain in close contact with you so that we can pick up the equipment from you, process it at our premises, collect it and deliver it to the places where it is needed.

To the hardware donation


Logistics capacities

To deliver the numerous donations in kind to the distribution centres, transport capacities are currently needed in many places. If you need assistance with your project and your organisation, please feel free to contact us directly.

What we have achieved so far

Monetary donation

We consider a monetary donation to be the simplest, fastest and most effective option. We have decided to support the alliance "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" (Campaign Germany Helps) with our donation and are contributing 4,500€. In total 6.030€ were collected. You can still donate to the alliance organisations of "Aktion Deutschland Hilft", which then help on site. The organizations help with food, drinking water and medical aid.

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Questions about your hardware donation in cooperation with aid organisations

Which devices can be donated?

There is a need for various devices. Refugees need mobile hardware (mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, power banks) to stay in contact with their families. Aid organisations themselves need office hardware (laptops, printers) to coordinate their services on site. You can donate both old equipment and new goods. Obviously, the equipment should be fully functional.

How safe is the refurbishing process?

With 30 years of experience and around 40,000 refurbishments and installations per year, we are experts in IT refurbishment. The remanufacturing process includes qualified inspection, repair and cleaning - including secure data erasure. You can find more information about our technical background here.

What happens with the equipment?

We collect the reprocessed equipment and store it safely until it is called up by the aid organisations for specific needs. We then deliver the equipment to the places where it is needed. We remain in close contact with you, the donors.

Will I receive a donation receipt?

Yes, the recipient organisations can issue a certificate of your donation. The procedure is as follows: You issue an invoice to the recipient organisation stating that you waive payment in exchange for a donation receipt. You then receive the donation receipt from the recipient organisation. We can support you in this process by, on the one hand, sending you a receipt as soon as we have received the equipment and by estimating the value of the equipment for you.

We also collect for other good causes!

You run a non-profit project and are interested in remanufactured IT? Or do you have suggestions for a project? Please contact us so that we can include new projects in our overview.

IT donations

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